• Encounter Restaurant Los Angeles International Airport

    Encounter Restaurant in a novelty theme restaurant in the center of Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). The restaurant is located at 209 World Way between terminal 2 and 6. So if you’re looking for a close by sit down restaurant meal before your flight it is an easy walk from those terminals. Encounter Restaurant was built in the 60’s with a jet aged theme thus its distinctive design can be seen from a far. Guests are elevated to the restaurant through a funky elevator where they will be greeted with impressive 360 degree views of the Los Angeles International Airport.

    Inside the restaurant Encounter Restaurant is styled with 60’s retro décor, lava lamps and space like ceiling with seating around the perimeter to take advantage of the views. Plane’s and airport buildings in the vicinity are clearly visible to enjoy a bird’s eye view of LAX from above. Despite the circular and space aged design of Encounter Restaurant the restaurant does not rotate or move.

    Encounter Restaurant is open for lunch and dinner offering a full dinner menu and bar menu. Dinner entrees are typically priced in the late 20’s with a good variety of appetizers and entrees including steak, chicken, seafood and salads. Overall, Encounter Restaurant is a nice escape from the bustle of LAX. The food is tasty with a good selection and does the job of preparing you for the flight ahead.