Privacy Policy

 Last Updated 29 August, 2016

Welcome to ShowPics where you create Photo Shows (photo arrangements accompanied by text) to share with the community. The ShowPics Privacy Policy shows you how we treat all personal information when you use the Site - and our mobile apps, Facebook apps, web apps and any other software in connection with ShowPics Services. The latest version of the ShowPics Privacy Policy is dated under the Privacy Policy heading. This version is the most up to date Policy and will apply accordingly. All other versions prior to this date will be superseded. Therefore you should visit this Policy periodically to review any changes.

1. Browsing ShowPics: To browse ShowPics you do not have to register as a member of ShowPics. All uses of the ShowPics under this condition are subject to the “Term of Use”. There is no log in required.

2. Register as a Member of ShowPics: In order to create Photo Shows, update your Photo Shows, you have to register as a Member of ShowPics and be given a unique ShowPics account. When you register with ShowPics, you can either register with Facebook login or email address.

Registration via Facebook: Registration through Facebook means that Facebook handles the authentication in and out of the Site and Services. In order to identify you as a Member we record your first name and last name as per Facebook as well as your Facebook User ID.

Registration via Email: Registration via Email requires you to provide an email address, specify a username and password. To protect unauthorized access to your Account, you are asked to secure your own email address and password.

Once you have completed your registration, you are not anonymous to ShowPics. In order to further express yourself through the 'Site' we allow you to enter additional information once after registration. For registration via Facebook and email we allow you to enter your location. For Members who registered through Facebook we allow you to choose a unique username and enter an Email Address and password. For Members registered via Email we allow you to enter your first name and last name.

As a Registered Member, you are governed by the “Terms of Use” of ShowPics for using this site. There is no charge in becoming a Member of ShowPics.

3. Uploaded Content: When you create your Photo Show and upload your photos, you can choose two privacy formats. The First format is to allow full public viewing of your content this also includes distributing the content to all ShowPics 'Services.' For the Second format, the Author can choose for restricted viewing only. Every time you create or amend a Photo Show you will be prompted to choose the First or Second Formats. As for your Profile, viewing by public can see the author’s username, first name and last name only.

4. Usage Information: When you use the Site, ShowPics, may record information about your usage of this site, and also gathered your IP address and Browser type. ShowPics uses “cookies” to store some of the information during your log in period. These cookies terminate once the user log out and close the Browser. Your log in username will be display in your computer as default by using persistent cookie for your convenience. If you decided not to have this default feature, you can easily remove and block such use. The Usage information will be in the nature of click through pages and the pages viewed will be displayed on each Photo Show.

5. Uses: For the Personal Information you submitted to ShowPics, we do not use your communication and personal details to send commercial or marketing material without your consent. However, we may use your email address for sending you administrative messages and other non commercial material without your further consent. We may also use them to improve the features and operational functionality of ShowPics.

6. Information in the Public domain: When the content of your Photo Show is posted on ShowPics, this will be viewed by the community at large including any other ShowPics Services which include but not limited to Websites, Facebook apps, Mobile Apps. Therefore, your published information may be collected and used by others. As a Registered Member of ShowPics, you acknowledge that you are fully informed that the information you posted on the ShowPics will be used by others who browse the site under the ShowPics “Term of Use”. You are also fully aware that your content may be fully redistributed through the internet and other media channels for their respective viewers.

Featured content. Featured is a section on our Site and Apps which allow us to showcase high quality Photo Shows created by the community. If you have elected to have your Photo Shows visible to the public. Our editors may select yourPhoto Shows to be featured which may result in it being displayed on the front page of our Site or Services.

7. Third-Party Advertising Companies: There are other third-party ad serving companies that may display ads on ShowPics. ShowPics does not provide any personal identifiable information to these third-party ad servers or ad networks without your consent. ShowPics and other third-party ad serving companies use Advertising Technology that target areas using information derived from Activity generated by Site Browsing only. ShowPics’s Privacy Policy does not apply to such advertisers and the third-party advertising companies as ShowPics has no control of the activities of these third parties.

8. Update and Termination: as registered member, you can update and change your profile, photo and contents any time by log in using your username and password or via your Facebook login. Should you decided not to remain as a registered member, you can terminate your membership and account anytime by contacting and ShowPics will remove your account for you. ShowPics will close your membership and account remove all Photo Shows generated under this account from the Site.